KubeSphere is an enterprise-grade multi-tenant container management platform that built on Kubernetes. It provides an easy-to-use UI that enables creation of computing resources with one-click deployment, which reduces the learning curve and empowers the DevOps teams. It greatly reduces the complexity of the daily work of development, testing, operation and maintenance, aiming to alleviate the pain points of Kubernetes' storage, network, security and complexity, etc.

In addition, KubeSphere has integrated and optimized multiple functional modules for container scenarios to help enterprises easily cope with the bussiness scenarios, such as application management, service and network management, DevOps delivery, multi-tenant management, workload and node management, as well as the image registries management and storage management.

Compared to the KubeSphere Express Edition, Advanced Edition provides enterprise-ready containerized application management services, supports more powerful features and flexible configurations to meet the complex business demands of the enterprise. For example, it supports master and etcd high availability (HA), CI/CD pipelines visualization, multi-dimensional monitoring, multi-tenant management, LDAP integration, Horizontal Pod Autoscaler, container health check, and configuration management. It will also support microservice governance, Big data, AI and more complex business scenarios in the upcoming releases.

KubeSphere started as an open source project and all of KubeSphere members hope to make the project develop well with the help of the community. See source code and documentation on GitHub KubeSphere.

Functional Architecture

As a high-reliability and enterprise-ready container management platform, KubeSphere Advanced Edition provides various functions which support workload deployment on production environment cluster. Its core functions can be summarized in the following functional architecture diagrams. The Advanced Edition's features are listed at Product Features.



Community Edition => Express Edition => Advanced Edition