Service Components

The service components panel provides health status monitoring of various service components in the cluster, which can help cluster administrators to monitor the status of the cluster and locate problems timely.

Inspect the Service Component

Sign it with cluster admin, navigate to Platform Management → Service Components, then you can see the service components page.

service components

As a cluster administrator, you can view all the service components of KubeSphere, Kubernetes and OpenPitrix.

service components

The role of service component

The service component page supports view the current health status of the cluster, when there is an exception in the cluster, the cluster admin can quickly inspect if there is an exception in any of the service components.

For example, when the application is deployed with the application template, and the application is not successfully deployed, the cluster admin can check whether there is an exception in the component of Openpitrix, then proceed to locate the problem and inspect the logs and events, finally fix it according to the abnormal component. Each tab can also shows the number of exception components.